Understanding Basic Facts about Electric Boats

Sometimes, if you cannot actually get out on the water in a full size normal boat, electric boats can be a good second choice for your journey. These electric boats are radio controlled through a receiver and a transmitter. Generally, the control uses a type of stick that is controlled with hand. Inside the boat, there is a receiver that is typically mounted and it normally receives and then processes the signal from the transmitter that is held by the boat’s operator. This transmitter helps the operator of the boat to accelerate, slow down or rotate the boat. Moreover, the operator can utilize the transmitter to turn the boat left or right.

There are various electric powered boats in a variety of sizes. Often, some of these electric boats are powered using batteries. Electric boat can operate using a fairly small battery or a large battery. Although its operating time varies, run time of each boat will typically depend upon the size of the boat and the battery. Most electric boats will operate anywhere between 20 and 25 miles per an hour. So, if you want to enjoy more operational time with these boats, it is advisable to keep a second battery on hand and charged so that you can change out quickly.

There are also electric boats that run on solar power. These boats that depend on solar energy have become increasingly popular simply because they are friendly to the environment and are not hash like those using gasoline which emits fumes into the air and will cause a lot of harm and damage much later.

These electric boats are also incredibly easy to use and a lot of operators prefer it. It is easy for the operator or boater to get the motor installed and starts using it as soon as possible. Electric boats start very easily and the operator will be able to get out on the water and steer the motor and speed along. This is one of the many reasons people prefer electric powered boats because they do not want to have to deal with struggling to get a gasoline motor to start.

The cost of electric boats is very reasonable too. With no gasoline needed to power the boat, the cost is going to be affordable. With gasoline boats, you worry about having a full tank of gas in the boat in order to get out on the water. But, this is not the case with electric boats. Electric boats that are powered with solar energy will keep operating costs down to a minimum. Just make sure that your electric boat is fully charged and ready to go before taking it out.

Another fact about electric boats is that hardly will the battery need to be replaced. Many people love the fact that they can simply recharge the battery before they are going to use the boat out. This is definitely going to help you enjoy your boat ride always.

Why Electric Boats Are in Vogue

Electric boats motors are highly efficient and this explains why it is in vogue today. Many of these boats are becoming sustainable and environment friendly and that is why they fit them with electric boat drives which are high-powered, flexible, and efficient. Besides, electric powered boats driven with powerful equipment are being used for vacationing or holding grand parties on water. It has become a popular entertainment for people all over the world. There are more reasons why they are in vogue.

Highly efficient and friendly to the environment

Going by the popularity and efficiency of the electric boat drives, it has becomes imperative to gather more information about these wonders on water. Electric boats are efficient drive systems which are also available in AC technology and they are durable and highly reliable. Electric powered boats also have many advantages such as being environment friendly. This is because they emit fewer toxins into the water, which may pollute water and kill fishes if it becomes too much. In addition, electric boats are easy to use and maneuver on the water. In fact, a person without any sailing experience can drive electric boats fitted with electric boat drives easily and with less supervision.

Moreover, the less emission quality of these electric boats makes them ideal to be taken out on the lakes, bays, or in the river without having to worry about polluting the environment. This is a very good attribute as it helps to protect water from various pollutants. No doubt, electric boats are the best alternative for fossil fuels because of their durable and highly efficient feature. Therefore, they are the best possible solutions for going green while sailing or boating in water.

Highly engineered

Another feature about electric boats is that they are highly-engineered. The most advanced technologies for delivering outstanding performance were applied to these boats. Thus, they offer reliability, efficiency, and comfort. All these make them to be very safe and secure for a ride on water.

Easy to set up and run

Actually, electric boats are sturdy and powerful, but they are easy to install. There are some of these boats that come with do it yourself kits. This means, by simply going through the instructions, you can install them easily. These kind of electric powered boats are ideal and very much suited for being used in sailboats. And their usage is not limited to just sailboats. You can also use them for launches and tenders in yachts. So, you have many options with electric boats.

From what we have observed above, you can easily see why electric boats are in vogue and loved by many people. So, if you are looking for a completely safe and environment friendly trip on water, why not choose electric boat that you can sail with and which offers you efficiency and high performance? Remember that electric boats are capable of reducing pollution in water through zero emissions and they help in saving environment from the plague or global warming and not to mention the aquatic lives that will be saved!

Electric Boat or Gas Powered Boat: Which Should You Choose?

The ability to remote control boats is a lot of fun. If you are going to acquire a boat, you have some options to consider before you decide which to purchase – an electric powered boat or gas powered boat. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider, too. However, deciding for electric boats, in most cases, is the best. But, what other things are there to consider about electric boats?

Of course, you should first consider the location where you will be running you boat because gas powered models are not allowed in some places. But, in such places, electric boats are allowed. This is one of the reasons why you may consider electric boat over gas powered boats.

Another thing that may influence your preference for an electric boat is that they are very quite. When you sail on water, you do not get to experience those disturbing noise of gas boat. However, if you chose an electric boat, it is wise to extend the life of the electric motor by running a cooling coil on it to remove any excess heat. In addition, electric boats are generally easier to maintain than gas powered boats. And the remote controlled electric boats are available in smaller sizes than gas powered boats, making them ideal for ponds of smaller size.

As you can see, electric boats have many advantages. However, if you chose an electric boat, you need to consider making your radio controlled electric boat to go faster. To do this, simply increase the number of battery cells on your boat and you will give you higher voltage. Also, a much bigger prop will make your boat go faster on water. But, you should take care, because if you select a prop that is too big for your boat, you can burn up your motor. So, take care to match your prop size with a prop usage chart, in case you decide to change the prop.

The major disadvantages of gasoline powered boats are that they are generally too big, more powerful and more noisy than electric powered boats. As a result, you may not get enough fun as with electric boats.  Of course, the size of your boat may turn heads at the local lake, but you spend a lot to maintain it than electric types. The noise, smell and powerful nature of gas powered boat can make anyone uncomfortable.

Many electric boats are also very faster than gasoline boats and they give you more comfort than gas powered boats. The environment also benefit from electric boats because no dangerous toxin is emitted into the atmosphere or water, thus protecting aquatic lives.

From the discussions above, you can see that electric boats have many advantages over gas-powered boats. For this reason, it is worthy of your choice. You surely will enjoy cruising on water with ease if you choose an electric boat.